The profits from startups are no longer solely financial


In Israel an example can be seen in the startup Breezomete that has raised money to develop technology for sensor-based air pollution monitoring, and works, among other things, with the Association of Asthma Patients. In October 2015, the world’s largest impact investment conference was held in San Francisco – an industry that’s made to invest in projects and ventures that have a positive impact on the lives of people around the world. (Hebrew)

Israel needs to lead the global social-tech industry


After the holidays, the second round of the social-tech accelearator TechForGood Rally will open. The program’s founder, Nir Shimony, talks about the vision and explains why there is no contradiction between successful exits and creating social impact. For years, Nir Shimoni (42), one of the founders of Israel’s first social-tech accelarator, held senior positions in large enterprises. After six years as Cellcom’s Business Development Manager and later in a start-up company, Shimony decided to promote the social-tech industry in Israel, the same entrepreneurs who use technology to deal with social issues. (Hebrew)

The entrepreneurs who want to change the world for the better


One of the hottest areas in the world today is Social Tech, which seeks to make creative use of technological tools to solve social problems. The State of Israel has long established itself in the world as a startup, and the endless wave of exits in the past year has only proved it time after time. (Hebrew)

Electra Consumer Products launches startup program


In cooperation with the TechForGood organization, Electra Consumer Products is launching a program for supporting and advising startups. The program is aimed at startup in the quality of life sector, including air-conditioning and climate, energy efficiency, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Tnuva invests in TechForGood accelerator


The Israeli food conglomerate hopes mentoring FoodTech startups will boost their internal R&D.
Food companies around the world are investing substantial sums to offer customers better products and improve their bottom line.

Sano and TechForGood Rally will accelerate hygiene start-ups


The next cycle of the social-tech startup accelerator will include up to five entrepreneurs developing services or products that will help raise awareness of the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, as well as make hygiene more accessible to unique populations, such as those the disabled. Sano and the social accelerator TechForGood Rally will collaborate and launch a program that will provide guidance to startups at the beginning of the road that are active in the field of hygiene and in the field of pollution prevention. (Hebrew)

Electra, TechForGood to set up innovation project


Program aims to foster startups in energy conservation, IoT and air conditioning and climate control systems. Israel’s Electra Consumer Products, a distributor of retail and electrical consumer products, said Thursday it was setting up joint project with TechForGood to promote startups that aim to improve quality of life.

High-tech in the social service


The encouragement must come from the investors, who will define that they allocate a certain percentage of the funds to social investments. The range of Israeli exits is a clear sign that Israel is the capital of global start-ups. On the other hand, the inability of the Israeli government to care for the weaker sectors of the population due to lack of budgets has created a real need to find another way to offer solutions to the deepening gaps in Israeli society. (Hebrew)

While housing protests are long gone, 3 social accelerators are spurring a quiet revolution in Israel


One fine day in 2013, Nir Shimony saw the light – he realized that Israeli social startups were afflicted with a bit of darkness. He knew they could become a big business success, just like Cyber or Fintech startups, but it seemed that they lacked the support and guidance they needed to get there.

The Startups that are raising funds in Yanki Margalit’s backyard


Rally, the social accelerator hosted a meeting between the 13 startups in its program and potential investors. The event, which was in a most informal atmosphere, took place in the backyard of the entrepreneur Yanki Margalit. (Hebrew)

The hot trend in global and Israeli venture capital: Impact Investments


The investments are with the potential to yield substancial returns to investors and at the same time contribute to the community. “You can do something that supports you financialy, but also changes the world” (Hebrew)

New smartphone for OAPs can be operated REMOTELY by family members to help baffled grans and grandads


A NEW smartphone for grans and grandads lets family members operate it remotely for them.
Baffled pensioners push a help button that allows ­relatives to take control of the device from their own phone, tablet or home ­computer.

How One Virtual Reality Startup is Disrupting The Digital Healthcare Industry


We are standing at the edge of change in the digital healthcare industry in the realm of Virtual Reality (VR).

You may be asking yourself, “How do we know this?” All you need to do is take a closer look at two of the biggest conferences in both the Gaming and Healthcare industries, in which VRPhysio recently had the pleasure of participating in.