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Eligibility criteria

We are looking for innovative entrepreneurs who are using technology to address
social and environmental issues. Eligible candidates should meet the following criteria:

  • Addressing a social or environmental issue as the heart of the startup
  • The venture is innovatively using technology to pursue its goals
  • The venture is globally scalable
  • The venture is lead by a committed entrepreneur/team
  • We tend to work with startups that have a working product, post seed funding. However, we might be able to assist in to startups at various growth stages


Do we take equity?

No, there’s no equity stake component for participation in the programe, not from TechForGood or its partners.

Why Tech?

We believe that social issues together with the use of deep and innovative technology makes the perfect combination. Technology makes scaling a company much easier. This means higher financial profits as well as social ones since more of the intended market is reached at a faster rate.

What stage do we need to be in to enroll in the program?

The program is suitable for early-stage startups as well as startups who have gone through their first series of funding.

How time consuming is the program?

The program doesn’t have a rigid schedule that entrepreneurs are mandated to participate in. The TechForGood program is tailor-made and built together with each startup at the beginning of the process based on the venture’s specific needs. We take into account that entrepreneurs are extremely busy and can’t commit to time consuming schedules which is why we made it completely up to you – we’re here to answer your needs.

Is there a program participation cost?

Yes, there’s a fee of 3,000 shekels to reserve your spot in the program.

Have further questions?

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