Vision and Mission

TechForGood aims to establish the world’s leading social-tech network. Addressing the world’s greatest social challenges through innovative technological solutions becomes a great opportunity for generating wide scale impact, alongside high financial revenue. TechForGood provides the entrepreneurs taking on these challenges with the professional support, know-how and network to enable them to grow and succeed.


Our work process is based on three pillars:

Selected local social-tech startups, using TechForGood’s unique methodology, based on Israeli high-tech best practices. We connect startups with investors, corporations and markets all over the world.

With like-minded organizations – corporations, impact investors. venture capitalists, government organizations and international NGO’s who sponsor our activity and provide tremendous value to startups working with us.

Seed capital in the most promising early stage startups within our network, either by TechForGood Capital or by angel impact investors and funds from our network.

Our Team

Nir Shimony

Co-Founder & CEO

Omri Boral

Co-Founder, Professional Director

Global network

TechForGood Israel is part of the international TechForGood network, offering social tech startups around the
world access to local ecosystems, partners & experts, most of all enabling them to make use of the best
practices each has to offer:

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